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What is the recommended maximum length of time staff members should be wearing lead aprons, considering they cannot sit down in my place of work? If there is a sterile field in angiography, protective wear cannot be removed.  We can be scrubbed for up to six hours during some procedures. During this time we are also wearing a sterile gown and gloves over the lead aprons.
Protective lead garments for x-ray use should be worn during any period of time that the x-ray beam is “on” and the person wearing the garment is in the room with the x-ray unit. If physical stress of wearing the garment is an issue, it can be taken off if the x-ray beam is not being used (but it must be put back on before the x-ray beam is turned “on”), or it can be taken off if the user steps outside the x-ray room. In the case of very long, sterile procedures as you have mentioned above, there may be a significant amount of physical stress. Unfortunately, this is not a radiation safety issue, rather it is an occupational safety issue. The apparent solution for persons suffering from physical stress from wearing lead aprons is to switch out with another person during the procedure.

Kennith “Duke” Lovins, CHP
Health Physicist
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