Nuclear Power, Devices, and Accidents

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  HPS FAQ   Chernobyl: 33 Years Later
  HPS FAQ   Do Levels of Radioactivity in the United States Follow the Levels Being Released From the Japanese Reactor Site?
  HPS FAQ   Radioactivity in the United States From Japanese Nuclear Plants
  HPS FAQ   The Fukushima Accident

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  •  Nuclear and Radiation Accidents
Nuclear Power
Q10720   –   Contamination from nuclear power plant inspector
Q10835   –   Radioactivity in spent (used) nuclear fuel
Q10856   –   How do I tell if this ointment from Japan is contaminated?
Q10882   –   Radioactivity in food in Japan
Q11168   –   Is it safe to live near a nuclear power plant?
Q11952   –   What's being done to educate people about the real risks of radiation?
Q12263   –   Pottery from Japan
Nuclear Devices
Q9039   –   Applying risk coefficients from Japanese bomb survivors to medical
Q9122   –   Long-term effects of bombing of Hiroshima
Q9593   –   Fallout from Trinity site
Q11448   –   Is there radioactive fallout from subcritical nuclear tests?
Q12190   –   Shelter in place
Q12228   –   Nuclear weapons vs. nuclear reactors
Nuclear and Radiation Accidents
Q7000   –   Expiration date of potassium iodide (KI)
Q7799   –   Magic pill to prevent radiation effects
Q8964   –   Three Mile Island and thyroid cancer
Q9669   –   Are plutonium measurements being made at Daiichi and what bio-impact is plutonium having?”
Q9713   –   Radioactivity in seaweed
Q9935   –   Is traveling to Osaka, Japan safe?
Q9974   –   Is it appropriate to use these instruments for measurements in Japan?
Q9993   –   Radioactivity on cars from Japan?
Q10093   –   Safety of products from Japan
Q10792   –   Detector for measuring contamination on used cars from Japan
Q10907   –   Safety of tea and pottery from Japan
Q11250   –   Don't worry about products exported from Japan
Q12007   –   Can a handheld detector detect a nuclear accident?

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