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3 November 2014
Chapter and Section Website Information

Have you looked at your Health Physics Society (HPS) chapter or section website lately? Is it up to date? Does it need a new look?

Chapter and section websites are the responsibility of each individual chapter and section. The primary website server provided by the Society for chapters and sections is If your chapter or section has a website on this server and you need help with your site, or if you want to inquire about establishing a new website on this server, contact the server webmaster, Ruediger (Ruedi) Birenheide. The Society expects that all chapter and section websites are kept up to date and have a professional look. There is no cost to chapters or sections to use the server or Ruedi's services.

Ruedi is assisted by HPS member Thomas P. Johnston, who volunteers his time and helps with the design and maintenance of chapter websites.

All chapters and sections need to assign a member to be their webmaster who can either have access to their website to make changes or provide information to Ruedi or Thomas to make updates. Contact Ruediger (Ruedi) Birenheide with any questions or Thomas P. Johnston if you would like his assistance.