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31 October 2014
National Radiation Protection Professionals Week, 2–8 November 2014

The Health Physics Society (HPS), in conjunction with the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc. (CRCPD), has designated the week of 2–8 November 2014 as "National Radiation Protection Professionals Week." This event is held to honor radiation protection professionals and is set in early November to celebrate the discovery of x rays by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen on 8 November 1895.

Michael Snee, CRCPD chairperson, signed a proclamation noting: "Radiation Protection Professionals work with government, industry, medical, educational, and private sources to bring the benefits of X rays, radiation and radioactivity to the public while minimizing the hazards of radiation exposure. The weeklong observance is dedicated to recognizing Radiation Protection Professionals for their contributions to public safety."

HPS President Barbara Hamrick said: "This special week is a great time to share the magic and wonder of radiation protection with friends and colleagues! So please raise a toast to Herr Roentgen and celebrate our ever-interesting, ever-evolving, and always-rewarding occupation."