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25 February 2014
HPS Members Access to International Society Newsletters Through IRPA Page on Members Only

The Health Physics Society (HPS) has joined with the Canadian Radiation Protection Association (CRPA), the Society for Radiological Protection in the United Kingdom (SRP), and the French Society for Radiation Protection (SFRP) in an initiative to share society newsletters under the auspices of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA).

The initial newsletter-sharing effort will include the CRPA Bulletin, the Health Physics News, the SRP Newsletter, and the SFRP C.I.R. Newsletter. Other IRPA associate societies are anticipated to join and share their newsletters. With 48 associate societies representing 60 countries currently under the IRPA umbrella, we expect a large number of people will have access to the Health Physics News as this initiative continues.

The initiative has been developed and guided by IRPA Publications Director Christopher Clement. Management of access to the newsletters via the IRPA website will be under the direction of Andy Karam, the IRPA Commission on Publications website manager.

HPS members can access the newsletters by clicking on the IRPA icon on the HPS Members Only main page and then clicking on the link at the top of the Members Only IRPA page.