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13 January 2014
Solutions to ABHP Exams

Health Physics Society (HPS) members now have access to American Board of Health Physics (ABHP) exams and sample solutions for exams that were given during the years 1987–2001. 

The sample exam solutions presented in the pdfs were prepared by Kenneth Skrable, George Chabot, and Clayton French. While these solutions are very likely quite good ones, having been prepared by such knowledgeable dedicated educators, they are not the "official" solutions prepared by the ABHP. Nor are they the solutions used in the grading of candidates' examinations. The HPS does not assert that the solutions are correct or the best ones possible.

SI units are not used in these exams or sample solutions because the exams were all prepared using traditional units.

See exams and solutions here, in the HP Toolbox on the Members Only website.