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7 November 2013
HPS Standards Now Being Distributed by IHS

The Health Physics Society (HPS) has signed a new five-year exclusive contract with IHS Inc., a global information company, for distribution of American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/HPS standards. The new distribution method streamlines the purchase of ANSI/HPS standards, provides savings and increased revenues to HPS from these purchases, and increases copyright security on ANSI/HPS standards. All HPS members are encouraged to download new copies of any standards they are using free of charge from IHS and destroy old copies to help prevent copyright abuse.

The first step is to set up an account through the IHS Standards Store ( Make sure to mark that you are an HPS member when you are checking out from your shopping cart. Your cost for an electronic file is nothing; if you desire a hard copy, you will have to pay for that additional service at the cost difference noted on the IHS order page when you check out.

After you receive your first standard (potentially delayed by as much as a business day to confirm membership), all other HPS standards will be available to you on demand after you sign in to your IHS account. For additional information, see the November issue of Health Physics News, page 15.