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6 November 2013
National Radiation Protection Professionals Week 3–9 November 2013

This week is National Radiation Protection Professionals Week. 

The Health Physics Society (HPS), in conjunction with the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc. (CRCPD), has designated this event to honor radiation protection professionals is set in November to celebrate the discovery of x rays by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen on 8 November 1895.

Radiation protection professionals provide leadership in protecting the public from the hazards of radiation. These dedicated individuals work diligently to ensure that radiation and radioactive materials are used safely and beneficially in thousands of different ways.

According to Joe Klinger, chairperson of the CRCPD Board of Directors, "Radiation protection professionals are a vital safety net; they help to make sure that medical uses of radiation are safe, that industrial uses and products are safe, and that our homes and our country are safe. Their selfless professionalism ensures that people are able to safely enjoy the tremendous benefits of the uses of radiation in our society."