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12 October 2013
NRC Shuts Down on 10 October 2013

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) furloughed most employees starting 10 October from the lack of appropriations. Furlough notices were sent to all employees. Only about 300 of the NRC's 3,900 staff members are reporting to duty. That number includes the resident inspectors, who continue to do their job at the nuclear power plants.

All public meetings are suspended while the NRC is shut down. In addition, the NRC has had to temporarily suspend action on all pending licensing or enforcement matters before the licensing boards or Commission, with the exception of those related to the Yucca Mountain licensing proceeding (as that work is funded by the Nuclear Waste Fund, not the general agency appropriation). The litigants have all been notified.

During the shutdown, the NRC will continue to receive safety and security concerns via the web page and the NRC hotlines. The Inspector General's Office also continues to function.

More information can be viewed here.