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15 May 2013
National Student Science Award Nominations Due by 30 May 2013

The National Student Science Awards recognize outstanding contributions by students in grades 6–12 to the understanding of the applications of radiation and its impact on the environment and health. Nominations for this award can be made by any plenary member of the Society or by a chapter. This award is presented at a meeting of the nominating chapter or a chapter near the awardee's residence.

Each nominee shall be an individual currently in grades 6–12 who has contributed reports or presentations of projects on radiation benefits, applications, and impacts at local science fairs or at a similar extracurricular scientific event where multiple projects are presented.

Each nomination should include either a report of the project that has been written by the nominated student or a set of pictures that illustrate the student's display. The nomination shall also include a discussion of the criteria used by the nominator for selecting the nominee's project. Additional supporting letters may also be included.

The Awards Committee may grant up to four awards in any year. Nominations are due by 30 May 2013 to Kathy Pryor, Awards Committee chair, at