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3 May 2013
Edward Maher Appointed to NAS Committee

Edward F. Maher, ScD, CHP, has been appointed to the National Academy of Sciences' (NAS) new Committee on Research Directions in Human Biological Effects of Low Level Ionizing Radiation.

Dr. Maher is an associate and senior health physicist for the occupational and environmental health consulting firm Dade Moeller. He is also adjunct lecturer on environmental science in the Harvard School of Public Health's Department of Environmental Health. Maher is a certified health physicist with more than 30 years of experience conducting and managing radiological, safety, and environmental protection programs for commercial clients and federal agencies including the U.S. Departments of Energy and Defense.

He was formerly an officer in the U.S. Air Force (USAF), retiring with the rank of colonel. While there, he directed the USAF Radiation Assessment Team responsible for providing immediate and global responses to nuclear weapon accidents and served as division chief of the Radiation Services Division and chief of the Dosimetry and Radioanalytical Services Branches at the Armstrong Laboratory at Brooks Air Force Base.

Maher is past president of the Health Physics Society and was chairman of the American Board of Health Physics in 2000. He earned an ScD in radiological protection and health from the Harvard School of Public Health.