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12 November 2012
National Radiation Protection Professionals Week 12–18 November 2012

The Health Physics Society (HPS) has joined with the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc. (CRCPD) in declaring the week of 12–18 November 2012 National Ra­diation Protection Professionals Week. Radiation protection professionals provide leadership in protecting the public from the hazards of radiation. These dedicated individuals work diligently to ensure that radiation and radioactive materials are used safely and beneficially in thousands of dif­ferent ways.

Originally initiated by the CRCPD, National Radiation Protection Pro­fessionals Week is intended to bring attention to the significant contribution radiation protection professionals make to the nation's health, energy, industry, and defense sectors.

The two-fold focus of the week is to get:

  1. Employers to recognize the week and to use the opportunity to recognize radiation protection profes­sionals in their organization for their contributions to the organization's mission.
  2. Public recognition of the contribution of radiation protec­tion professionals in making the workplace and environment safe from radiation exposure while reaping the benefits of its use.

Beginning in 2005, the HPS joined the CRCPD in passing a resolution pro­claiming the a week in November as a week to recognize radiation pro­tection professionals. The HPS also passed similar resolutions in 2007 and 2008. Beginning in 2009 and continuing through this year, the Board elected to support the declaration of National Radiation Protection Professionals Week via Board motion.