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12 October 2012
HPS Section Websites Now Have Members-Only Option

The Health Physics Society (HPS) is providing password-protected web pages for HPS sections desiring members-only pages as a benefit to their members. A new login process is now available for any sections interested in its use.

Fred Baes, HPS webmaster, and Ruedi Birenheide, webmaster, have developed a script that allows section-specific member login using the usual HPS member login credentials. Any number of pages can be hidden behind a section member login, provided the section's pages are hosted on Note that the HPS member must be in good standing and also be a member of the section. When implemented, a simple login form will appear, similar to that for members-only areas on Login credentials will be checked by the HPS main server and, if confirmed, the member may access members-only pages of that section on

Please contact Ruedi ( if your section wants to make use of this service.