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28 August 2012
Membership Drive Begins for the Homeland Security Section

Are you interested in joining the newly formed Health Physics Society (HPS) Homeland Security Section? The Homeland Security Committee was converted to an HPS section recently.

The president of the section is Debra McBaugh. She plans to continue the section's mission to provide assistance to professionals in all areas of homeland security, including providing tools for planning and responding to a radiological or nuclear emergency (e.g., dirty bomb, nuclear explosion) and providing information and guidance to help the public understand the actions they CAN take should such an event occur. There are a lot of resources and training materials on the Homeland Security Section website:

If you are a current member of HPS, all you need to do is send HPS $5.00 with a note that it is for Homeland Security Section dues. Then you will be enrolled as a member of the new and great Homeland Security Section! The mailing address is:

950 Herndon Parkway
Suite 450
Herndon, VA 20170