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28 August 2012
50th Anniversary of the School of Nuclear Engineering at Georgia Tech

The Georgia Institute of Technology will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the School of Nuclear Engineering (NE) 1–2 November 2012 with a reunion featuring a "Symposium on the Future of Nuclear Energy" and a "Colloquium on the History and Contributions of NE at Georgia Tech."

The keynote speaker for the symposium is Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy Dr. Peter Lyons.  The intent of the symposium is to bring together leading authorities from government, industry, research laboratories, and academia to address the future of nuclear energy. Sessions are planned on (1) Nuclear Energy in the Near-Term, (2) Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, and (3) Nuclear Energy in the Future.

The intent of the colloquium is to collect and document the history of NE at Georgia Tech and the contributions of Georgia Tech NE alumni, faculty, and research staff in all those areas of nuclear engineering that have been part of NE at Georgia Tech over the years—(1) the physics and engineering of producing power from nuclear fission and nuclear fusion and (2) applications of that technology to health physics, radiological engineering, medical physics, nuclear security, etc.

In order that the information necessary to plan the colloquium may be collected, all alumni of NE at Georgia Tech are asked to go to the website ( to fill out and submit the linked Biographical Form. This information will be published as part of the history of NE and will be used to plan the colloquium program. Please complete the bio forms as soon as possible.

Share this information with any other Georgia Tech NE alumni, former faculty, etc., with whom you are in contact.

Further announcements and information about the NE50 Celebration will be posted on the website ( The proceedings of the symposium and colloquium will be published. The symposium is open to anyone who would like to attend.