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8 July 2012
HPS Member Directory

Do you miss the Health Physics Society (HPS) member directory and look wistfully at the last one that you received in the mail? You can print a pdf or look at a pdf of the member directory by going to the Members Only area of the HPS website and clicking on this icon titled "Directory."


It will open to a page where you can update your own listing whenever your phone number, email address, or mailing address changes. It is a good idea to pull your name up now and then and make sure that all your contact information is correct. If you want current information on members, use the search option on the web page.

The page also has pdfs of the membership directory. The most recent directory is a snapshot of the membership in April 2012. The pdf is a three-column-wide, alphabetical listing of the nearly 5,000 members of the HPS. The most recent one is 212 pages long (2.7 megabytes). A new listing will be posted about twice a year.