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2 May 2012
WCS Commences Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Operations in Texas
Texas Compact Operator Safely Disposes of First Shipment of Low-Level Radioactive Waste

Waste Control Specialists LLC (WCS), a subsidiary of Valhi, Inc., announced 1 May 2012 that the first shipment of low-level radioactive waste, received from Bionomics Inc., has been safely disposed of in the Texas Compact Facility.

"I am pleased to announce that medical researchers and universities that use radioactive materials everyday to save lives, and nuclear power plants that produce much of our country’s energy needs, are now using a facility specifically designed, engineered and constructed to permanently dispose of the low-level radioactive waste that is currently in temporary storage, much of it in urban centers," Mr. William J. Lindquist, CEO of WCS, said.

The Texas Compact Facility is owned and licensed by the state of Texas, operated by WCS, and hosted and supported by Andrews County, Texas.

Look for an article in an upcoming Health Physics News.