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9 April 2012
Call for Cochairs for 2013 Midyear Topical Meeting on Medical Health Physics and Accelerator Dosimetry

Now that the preparations for the Health Physics Society (HPS) 57th Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California (22–26 July 2012) and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 54th Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina (29 July–2 August 2012) have largely been completed or are nearing completion, it is not too early to begin planning for the 2013 HPS Midyear Topical Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, 27–30 January 2013. This meeting is jointly sponsored by the HPS Medical Health Physics and Accelerator Sections and is expected to be of special interest for AAPM members.
The Program Committee is calling for cochairs who will be able to attend the meeting and have special expertise (particularly regarding staff and/or patient radiation dose matters) to guide their topical sessions. Cochairs are needed for the following sessions:

  • Issues in PET/Cyclotron and cGMP
  • Issues in Brachytherapy and Radionuclide Therapy
  • Issues in Regards to the Role of the RSO
  • Issues in Proton, Heavy Ion, and Electron Accelerator Therapy
  • Issues in Diagnostic Studies (CT/Cardio/IR/Mammo/etc.)
  • Issues in Written Directives, Medical Events, and Patient Dose
  • Issues in Radiation Transport Codes and Shielding
  • Issues in Medical Isotope Production and Machine-Based Misadministrations
  • Issues in Accelerator/Medical Dosimetry (other/emergent topics)

If you are interested in exploring serving as a cochair for one of these topical areas, please contact Mike Sandvig, HPS Accelerator Section president-elect, or Steve King, HPS Medical Health Physics Section president-elect. Your early response in this important effort for the Society is encouraged.

For this meeting, we are especially looking for participation by AAPM members, particularly with reference to the many patient dose issues. Members of the AAPM who will be able to attend may contact HPS Accelerator Section Past President and AAPM member Mike Grissom as to their interest in presenting papers or cochairing sessions for the topics above.

Information on this meeting will be posted on the HPS midyear website as the program and arrangements are updated.