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27 February 2012
Request for Pilot Project Proposals

The Columbia University Center for High Throughput Minimally Invasive Radiation Biodosimetry is now accepting applications for pilot project funding relating to high-throughput, minimally invasive radiation biodosimetry. Each pilot project will be of limited duration (up to two years) and of a limited budget (up to $75,000 direct costs/year/project). The maximum individual award is $100K per year total costs.

The center currently supports biodosimetry projects using cytogenetic, gene expression, and metabolomic endpoints and is looking for biodosimetry-oriented pilot projects that will either complement these areas or open up new research avenues. The projects can be biologically or physically based, but must ultimately be directed towards practical high-throughput radiation biodosimetry or dosimetry, after external photon or neutron exposure, or internal radiation exposure. Innovative proposals for testing new concepts are encouraged.

The application deadline is 30 March 2012 with a projected start date of 1 August 2012.

More application information is available on the center's website.