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13 July 2011
IRPA's Young Professionals Prize

The 13th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA13) in Glasgow, Scotland (13-18 May 2012) has announced it will award prizes for the best presentations by a young professional or scientist. While there is no formal definition of “young” in this context, it is intended to apply to students and persons in the first 10 years of their career in radiation protection and, as such, they will only exceed the mid-30s age in exceptional circumstances.

To be eligible for entry, one and only one candidate will be selected and nominated to IRPA by the Health Physics Society (HPS). The selected candidate will be guaranteed an oral presentation of his or her paper at the congress, and the HPS will fully reimburse the selected candidate for attendance at the congress in accordance with the HPS travel policy. There will also be prizes awarded for the best three submissions, with cash awards of £750, £500, and £250 (1£= approx. $1.6 U.S.). Judging will take into account (1) the quality of the underpinning work being presented, (2) the quality of the written paper, and (3) the quality of the presentation itself.

The HPS Awards Committee has established a mechanism for the selection of its Young Professional candidate. To be eligible, the potential candidate must be an HPS member and submit an abstract to the IRPA Congress (see by 16 September 2011. To be eligible for HPS sponsorship for the Young Professional Award, candidates must also submit the abstract, full paper, and a résumé to HPS Awards Committee Chair Ed Maher ( no later than 15 October 2011. The HPS Awards Committee will notify the selected candidate and nominate the individual to the IRPA13 organizers ( by 30 October 2011.

The Awards Committee reserves the right to make no selection if the submittals are inadequate for any reason in their judgment.

Please give this notice the broadest dissemination within your organization, especially among your young professional and scientific staff.