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3 July 2011
NSB/NSF Seeks Input on Proposed Merit Review Criteria Revision and Principles

Over the past year, the National Science Board (NSB) has been conducting a review of the National Science Foundation's (NSF) merit review criteria (Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts). At the NSB's May 2011 meeting, the NSB Task Force on Merit Review proposed a revision of the two merit review criteria, clarifying their intent and how they are to be used in the review process. In addition, the task force identified a set of important underlying principles upon which the merit review criteria should be based. The NSB now seeks your input on the proposed revision and principles.

The two draft revised criteria, the principles upon which they are based, and more information can be found at Comments are being collected through 14 July and should be sent to It is expected that NSF will develop specific guidance for principal investigators, reviewers, and NSF staff on the use of these criteria after the drafts are finalized. Your comments will help inform development of that guidance and other supporting documents such as FAQs.