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21 May 1999

The Board on Radiation Effects Research of the National Academy of Sciences has announced a project to evaluate human health risks from exposures to low levels of ionizing radiation (BEIR VII - phase 2). This effort will consider information available since the 1990 Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation (BEIR) report and will include published data derived from molecular, cellular, animal, and human epidemiologic studies. The sixteen member BEIR VII (phase 2) Committee charged with coordinating this task is chaired by Dr. Richard R. Monson of the Harvard School of Public Health. Two committee members, Dr. Kenneth L. Mossman of Arizona State University and Dr. David G. Hoel of the Medical University of South Carolina, are members of the Health Physics Society. More information about the BEIR VII project can be found on the "Current Projects" portion of the NAS website at