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18 April 2008
Nuclear Advocacy Network Created

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the American Nuclear Society (ANS), the North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN), and Women in Nuclear (WIN) have joined together to create the Nuclear Advocacy Network (NAN). The NAN is designed to enable nuclear issue supporters throughout the United States to join together and add their voices—and their phone calls, faxes, and emails—to supporting issues important to the nuclear renaissance: building new plants, closing the fuel cycle, getting adequate appropriations for nuclear research and development, and workforce, education, and training programs, among other issues. The members of NAN have joined together to facilitate communication with policy makers and the media on issues related to nuclear energy, science,  and technology.

The NAN is also reaching out to a number of other organizations and individuals for membership, including an open invitation to Health Physics Society (HPS) members to consider joining. Interested HPS members can get more information about the NAN on its website and can register by using the password "uranium" and providing the requested personal contact information. Registration is free. The NAN will also have a booth in the exhibit hall at the 53rd annual meeting in Pittsburgh, including a demonstration of how the advocacy network will operate.