Society News Archive

20 June 2005

Depleted uranium is currently on the minds of many people due to its use as a weapon, first in the Gulf War and now in Iraq. In response to many questions and concerns from the public, the Health Physics Society (HPS) Public Education Committee (PEC) has issued a new fact sheet on depleted uranium.

The PEC is responsible for gathering, organizing, and presenting information within the Society's objectives. The PEC facilitates dissemination of accurate, unbiased information on ionizing radiation by preparing educational materials as suggested and/or approved by the Scientific and Public Issues Committee. Current PEC members Marcia Hartman, Dan McGrane, Ralph Ochoa, Ali Simpkins, Mark Somerville, Vince Williams, Rob Woodard, and Board Liaison Andrew Karem developed this latest fact sheet. Other individuals involved in preparation of the Depleted Uranium Fact Sheet include Ron Kathren, CHP, an expert in the field.