Society News Archive

14 January 2005

The Health Physics Society and Organization of Agreement States have issued a new joint position statement, "Congressional Action Is Needed to Ensure Uniform Safety and Security Regulations for Certain Radioactive Materials."

This position statement, the first ever developed jointly between the two organizations, recommends enactment of federal legislation to ensure uniform regulation of all discrete sources of radioactive material. The nonuniform regulation of certain radioactive materials occurs because naturally occuring and accelerator-produced radioactive materials are not comphrehensively regulated in the United States. The position statement recommends principles that should apply to the regulation of these radioactive sources.

The Organization of Agreement States is a nonprofit society of staff members from the states that have established programs to assume a portion of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulatory authority as authorized by the Atomic Energy Act.

Health Physics Society members can get more information on this position statement in the Members Only area.