Society News Archive

8 February 2004

The Health Physics Society has issued a new Position Statement "GUIDANCE FOR PROTECTIVE ACTIONS FOLLOWING A RADIOLOGICAL TERRORIST EVENT" and an accompanying document "Background Information on "Guidance for Protective Actions Following a Radiological Terrorist Event"."

The Position Statement provides recommendations for decision makers for protective actions in response to a radiological terrorist event, which is defined for the purpose of the statement as the intentional release of radioactive material to the environment or use of a source of radiation for the purpose of harming the health or safety of the public. It includes any type of device or method used to disperse radioactive material, including conventional explosive materials (i.e., a dirty bomb) and improvised nuclear weapons.

The background information document is a more detailed document that provides background information for the position statement.

Position statements of the Society are approved by the Society's Scientific and Public Issues Committee, which is comprised of the President, President elect, and the three most recent Past Presidents and is responsible for the preparation of impartial scientific and technical statements for the Society.