Society News Archive

24 April 2002

Paul Rohwer, Chair of the Scientific and Public Issues Committee, has released a new Position Statement titled "State and Federal Action is Needed for Better Control of Orphan Sources," and a paper providing Background Information in support of the Position Statement.

The Position Statement explains that orphan sources are radioactive sources that have escaped institutional control, that is, sources that have been lost, stolen, or abandoned. The Health Physics Society believes that the orphan source problem is a radiation safety issue of high priority needing national and international attention. In the Position Statement the Society calls for changes to the federal and state regulatory framework dealing with orphan sources and calls for federal funding to support the regulatory initiatives needed to meet the Society's recommendations. The recommended regulatory changes include a more rigorous application of the justification for sources that may become orphan. The background information document provides details on the orphan source problem that supports the Society's position.

Position Statements of the Society are approved by the Scientific and Public Issues Committee (S&PIC), which consists of the three most immediate Past Presidents, the President, and the President-elect. Distribution of Position Statements is directed by the President. This statement was drafted for the S&PIC by HPS members Joel Lubenau and James Yusko.