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26 October 2017
New NCRP Report 179 on Emergency Response Dosimetry

The National Comission on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) has announced the publication of Report No. 179, Guidance for Emergency Response Dosimetry, as a tool for the emergency planning and response community.

Report 179 bridges the dosimetry gaps between trained and equipped radiation workers and all other categories of responders who are considered emergency workers during a radiation response.

More information on the report and purchasing instructions can be found on the NCRP website.

Hard copies of the report can be purchased by Health Physics Society (HPS) members for a 20% discount using the discount code on the HPS Members Only website (under Benefits, Other Publications, NCRP Discount Code).

The electronic copy of the report can be purchased at a 60% discount as soon as the Society has the mechanism set up with the NCRP. An announcement will be made on the website when the process is completed for purchasing electronic copies.