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26 September 2017
New NCRP Reports Benefit

Beginning this fall, Health Physics Society (HPS) members will enjoy free access to many National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) documents (reports and commentaries) as part of their membership. For those publications that are not freely available, HPS members will receive a 60% discount from the list price for electronic versions of NCRP documents purchased through the HPS Members Only website. Members will soon be able to log in to the Members Only site and download a free document or purchase one at 40% of list price! 

Burk and Associates, in consultation with HPS leadership, negotiated this agreement with NCRP. This five-year contract is solely for electronically available NCRP reports and commentaries, with special provisions as follows:

  1. The current benefit of 20% off hard-copy purchases for HPS members will remain.
  2. NCRP will provide access and download of electronically available PDFs of older NCRP reports and commentaries at no charge.
  3. NCRP will provide hard copies of older NCRP reports and commentaries on occasion for distribution at HPS meetings (which began at the Raleigh meeting in 2017).