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31 July 2017
HPS on Twitter

As I indicated in my "From the President" column in the August issue of Health Physics News, we have some significant challenges facing us in the years ahead. Part of the feedback I have heard and read has to do with answering the question "What is the value of being a member?"

We are working on several things to answer that question, including getting National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) reports free or at a significantly reduced price. Another item that might not seem so obvious at first is putting the Health Physics Society (HPS) on Twitter. Yes, this too is a member benefit.

We are @hps_org. We can now share with you items posted on our website, news about members, and any breaking news in radiation safety. The reason this is a benefit is because I and other Board members often hear things like "It would be great if we could see Board minutes" or "It would be nice to have meeting presentations posted." We post these already, but it seems to be a secret for many . . . no one knows! A quick 140-character tweet could keep HPS members quickly updated on the latest from the website and other organizations' news. So please check out @hps_org and follow the HPS on Twitter.

This is just one example to show that we are listening to what you are saying and asking. I'm on email, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and I still have a landline phone. Please provide feedback and let us know what you're thinking; it is up to each of us to make the Society relevant and of value to current and prospective members.

Eric Abelquist, HPS President