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7 April 2017
International Dose-Response Society Conference

The 2017 Annual International Dose-Response Society Conference—"Preconditioning in Biology and Medicine-Mechanisms and Translational Research"—is being held 18–19 April 2017 at the University of Massachusetts/Amherst. 

A Livestream of the entire two-day conference will be available FREE of charge. Refer to the Livestream information on the conference website.

From the conference website:

"Low levels/doses of numerous stressors (e.g., exercise, intermittent fasting, hypoxia, heat, cold, radiation, electricity, toxins, chemicals/drugs) are known to stimulate a wide range of preconditioning/adaptive responses that may profoundly affect the success of medical interventions for a vast spectrum of disorders. Stressors that trigger adaptive responses also offer ways to enhance healthy aging, improve human performance, and prevent damage in tissues exposed afterward to injurious levels of stressors, including severe psychological stress. Leading researchers will present numerous examples of the adaptive response and show how understanding molecular mechanisms(s), optimizing dosimetry and selecting the appropriate stressors will be important in enabling scientific and technological advances that can translate into future benefits for society."

If you would like to register for the conference or have questions regarding the Livestream, contact Conference Coordinator Mary Glavin at or leave a message at 413-545-1239.