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13 December 2016
Health Physics Journal Editor in Chief Position Recruitment

Michael T. Ryan, CHP, PhD, has announced his intention to retire as editor in chief (EiC) of Health Physics Journal effective July 2017. By this announcement, we are soliciting nominations and applications for the EiC position.

The intent is to conduct interviews in conjunction with the 2017 Health Physics Society (HPS) Midyear Meeting, which will be held 22–25 January in Bethesda, Maryland. It is hoped a selection will be made by mid-March to allow as seamless a transition as possible. The new EiC would take office in summer 2017.

Candidates should hold a PhD degree or be a certified health physicist and must have published in either Health Physics or Operational Radiation Safety. Experience as an associate editor or familiarity with the publication process would be a plus. Candidates should have extensive experience as an active member and peer reviewer on HPS or other journals. Management experience is also preferred. Candidates must possess excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills, as well as a wide network of professional contacts.

Job Description

  1. Provide a strong editorial vision representative of the goals of the HPS journals.
  2. Together with the publisher, develop strategies to develop high-quality content in both print and online formats, as evidenced by metrics such as increased citations, web traffic, and readership scores.
  3. Participate in publishing contract negotiations for HPS journals.
  4. Champion the HPS journals at professional meetings, workshops, and other appropriate forums.
  5. Select and lead an esteemed Editorial Board whose knowledge base represents the topics covered in the editorial mission of the Journal.
  6. Ensure proper manuscript flow to guarantee on-time publication, soliciting content and/or editorials as appropriate.
  7. Select and manage high-performing associate editors and reviewers.
  8. Make final accept/reject decisions on submitted manuscripts.
  9. Follow HPS Rule 9.1.

Interested individuals should send their curriculum vitae along with a statement of vision for the Journal to EiC Search Task Force Chair Craig Little; those writing to nominate others should also send the nomination to Craig. Please direct any questions about the position to Craig at the same email address or by phone: 970-260-2810.

Deadline for receipt of applications and nominations is 15 January 2017.