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7 November 2016
Radiation Protection Professionals Week 6-12 November 2016: Thank a Health Physicist This Week!

Marking the anniversary of the 8 November 1895 discovery of x rays by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, the Health Physics Society (HPS) is recognizing 6–12 November 2016 as Radiation Protection Professionals week.

In March 1896, soon after the discovery of x rays, natural radioactivity was discovered. While radiation and radioactivity are useful and necessary to our modern world, they can pose a hazard to people and the environment. A health physicist's job is to manage the beneficial use of radiation while protecting workers and the public from those potential hazards.

The HPS has a goal of providing information for the public to assist in the understanding of the field of radiation protection. HPS supports efforts to encourage all citizens to recognize the importance of radiation protection professionals who provide necessary leadership in protecting the public from the hazards associated with the use of radiation.

This week-long observance is dedicated to recognizing radiation protection professionals for their contributions to public safety. We encourage the agencies, facilities, and employers that have radiation safety professionals among their staff to take time, especially during National Radiation Protection Professionals Week, to acknowledge the important job they are doing in radiation safety and security.

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