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23 September 2016
NRC Issues Revised Volumes of NUREG-1556

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) announced that it has issued Revision 2 to NUREG–1556, Volumes 1 and 3, and Revision 1 to NUREG–1556, Volumes 2, 4, 10, 15, and 19, revising licensing guidance for various materials licenses. These documents have been updated to include information on updated regulatory requirements, safety culture, security of radioactive materials, protection of sensitive information, and changes in regulatory policies and practices. The documents are intended for use by applicants, licensees, and the NRC staff. 

Topics are as follows:

  • Volume 1 - Portable gauges
  • Volume 2 - Industrial radiography
  • Volume 3 - Sealed sources and devices
  • Volume 4 - Fixed gauges
  • Volume 10 - Master material licenses
  • Volume 15 - Changes of control and bankruptcy
  • Volume 19 - Reciprocity

These NUREG–1556 volumes are available on the NRC's public website on the Consolidated Guidance About Materials Licenses (NUREG-1556) page.