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4 March 2016
NRC Public Meeting on Improving Rulemaking Tracking and Reporting-11 Mar 2016

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) announced a public meeting to discuss efforts to improve rulemaking tracking and reporting. The meeting will be 11 March 2016, 1–5 p.m. EST, at Two White Flint North Building, 11545 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland.  

Topics include:

  • A single, unified approach to track rulemaking activities and inform external stakeholders.
  • Consistent terminology and definitions to characterize the type and status of rulemaking activities.
  • Methods to ensure that the Commission, staff, and external stakeholders have "real time" access to view current information.
  • Improvements to the NRC rulemaking website.

Those wishing to attend via telecom should contact Tara Inverso.