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5 February 2016
Student Internship at NASA-Armstrong Flight Research Center

A student internship on laser safety is available at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)-Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFR) in Edwards, California.

The Laser Safety Program within the Occupational Health Office is in charge of providing the necessary safety information to personnel for the safe use of laser operations. This continuing and aggressive program for the control of hazards from lasers includes the safety evaluation of all laser operations under the purview of NASA-AFRC as well as the development and maintenance of a current inventory of all Classes 3b and 4 lasers or laser systems. Lasers at AFRC are used for plethora of science and engineering projects. These systems are in many cases are one of a kind and custom made. This internship provides students with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in laser safety and provides hands-on experience, which is a critical requirement for those pursuing a career in this field.

See more information on the NASA internship website. The deadline to apply is 1 March 2016.