Society News Archive

10 April 2000

The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) has undertaken a strategic-planning initiative. The ad hoc committee formed by the NCRP Board of Directors in August 1999 includes Chair Michael T. Ryan, members William M. Beckner, E. Gail de Planque, and Barbara J. McNeil, and ex officio members Charles B. Meinhold and S. James Adelstein. Kenneth Kase joined the Committee later. Jonelle K. Drugan, a postdoctoral fellow, provided technical support in designing a survey and database that the committee used in the evaluation and compiling the results.

The committee report to the Board of Directors and members of NCRP included a summary of information obtained from surveys of NCRP participants, funding agencies, staff, collaborating organizations, and users of NCRP products. Many positive comments about the NCRP and its work were made and some important suggestions for improvement were made.

From the information obtained, several strategic recommendations were made:

  1. Improve timeliness of reports.
  2. Improve the process of producing reports.
  3. Respond to a broader range of funders' needs.
  4. Work more collaboratively with other organizations.

The Board approved the formation of a strategic ad hoc implementation committee that will be chaired by Mike Ryan to develop plans to implement improvement in these areas. The committee membership is being finalized and will begin work right away.