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2 January 2016
Midyear Meeting Information

Have you registered for the upcoming Health Physics Society 2016 Midyear Meeting yet? It will be held in Austin, Texas, and is going to be a fantastic meeting. Here are some snippets of what is going on.  

Go to the meeting section of the website to get more details about the meeting, the venue, the presentations, and the workshops and training courses.

Here is a preview of the Plenary Session:

   8:10—Opening Remarks - Nancy Kirner, HPS President

   8:15—Opening Remarks - John Boice, NCRP    

   8:20NCRP Plenary Speaker TENORM in Petroleum Industry - William Kennedy, Dade Moeller, Inc.

   8:50International Perspective - Who Knows What's Happening Elsewhere? - Irena Mele, IAEA

   9:20Regulatory Perspective - Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Christopher McKenney, Chief of Performance Assessment Branch

   9:40Regulatory Perspective - States - Ruth McBurney


   10:30Operator's Perspectives - Joe Weissman - US Ecology

   10:55Texas Innovations in Waste Management - J. Scott Kirk

   11:20Energy Solutions - What's Ahead With the Merger - Mark Walker

   11:45Low-Level Waste (LLW) Forum - What Happened Since Low-Level Waste Policy Act and A? - Leonard Slosky, Rocky Mountain Compact and LLW Forum

Here is a link to the abstracts for the PEP Courses -

And the CEL Courses -

We have some fantastic medical training courses this year also!