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26 December 2015
Public Comment Request Regarding Siting for Nuclear Waste Storage and Disposal Facilities

The Department of Energy (DOE) has announced that it is implementing a consent-based siting process to establish an integrated waste-management system to transport, store, and dispose of commercial spent nuclear fuel and high-level defense radioactive waste. In a consent-based siting approach, DOE will work with communities, tribal governments, and states across the country that express interest in hosting any of the facilities identified as part of an integrated waste-management system.

As part of this process, DOE wants public input on implementing this system. In order to solicit public feedback, DOE has submitted an Invitation for Public Comment (IPC). Through this IPC, communities, states, tribes, and other interested stakeholders are asked for feedback on how to design a consent-based siting process. In addition, DOE intends to host a series of public meetings to engage communities and discuss the development of a consent-based approach to managing our nation's nuclear waste.

Written comments will be accepted through 15 June 2016. Separate announcements will be made for each public meeting. More information is available on the DOE website.