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25 May 2015
Call for HPS IRPA14 Delegate Nominations, 1–22 June 2015

The Health Physics Society (HPS) is calling for nominations for HPS delegates to the General Assembly of the 14th Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA14), which will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, 9–13 May 2016. Both nominations and required indications of member support can be submitted electronically through the Members Only section of the HPS website 1–22 June 2015.

  1. These nominations are for 16 delegates selected by the HPS Board of Directors from completed nominations of eligible voting members of the Society. An additional eight delegates already chosen from the Board include Nancy Kirner, Barbara Hamrick, Elizabeth Gillenwalters, Ken Krieger, Cheryl Olson, Sandy Perle, Elaine Marshall, and Bob Cherry.
  2. All voting members of the HPS, except members of the IRPA Executive Council, are eligible to serve as IRPA delegates.
  3. Nominations may be made by chapters, sections, and individual voting members of the HPS—only one nomination per chapter, section, or voting member.
  4. Chapter and section nominations must be submitted by the current president of the chapter or section, as indicated in the chapter and section reports submitted for posting to the HPS website.
  5. Nominations by individual voting members require the support of at least 20 voting members of the HPS.
  6. Self-nominations (applications) are encouraged.
  7. Prior to nomination, all nominees should confirm to the nominator that they are willing to accept the travel, cost, and time commitments required to attend IRPA14. The term of a delegate is typically four years, until the next IRPA Congress. However, post-Congress delegate participation is via electronic communications.
  8. An HPS stipend of $1,200 will be available to help defray IRPA14 registration and travel costs. Typically this stipend covers only a small fraction of total costs. The delegate is responsible for the remaining expenses.
  9. Nominee input information required for submittal of a nomination includes name and contact information as indicated in the HPS Members Only Directory and a biographical sketch up to 1,000 words describing service to the profession, service to the Society, and service to IRPA.
  10. Nominees who are also requesting nomination to the IRPA Executive Council require a statement of goals, up to 1,000 words.

For additional information, see the March 2015 issue of Health Physics News and HPS Rule 11.1 – International Radiation Protection Association, both available on the HPS in the Members Only section of the HPS website.