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27 April 2015
EPA Seeks Nominations for Science Advisory Board

The Science Advisory Board (SAB) office of the Environmental Protection Agency is seeking nominations of experts to serve on the chartered SAB in the following disciplines as they relate to human health and the environment: analytical chemistry; ecological sciences and ecological assessment; economics; engineering; geochemistry; health disparities; health sciences; hydrology; hydrogeology; medicine; microbiology; modeling; pediatrics; public health; risk assessment; social, behavioral, and decision sciences; statistics; and toxicology.
The SAB Staff Office is especially interested in scientists with expertise described above who have knowledge and experience in air quality, agricultural sciences, climate change, drinking water, energy and the environment, water quality, water quantity, water reuse, ecosystem services, community environmental health, sustainability, chemical safety, green chemistry, human health risk assessment, homeland security, and waste and waste management.
For further information about the chartered SAB membership appointment process and schedule, please contact Thomas Carpenter, DFO, by telephone at 202-564-4885 or by email at
Nominations should be submitted in time to arrive no later than 27 May 2015.