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11 March 2015
NRC Solicits Applications for Scholarships and Fellowships and Reviewers

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) fiscal year 2015 Integrated University Program (IUP) Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) for scholarship and fellowship, faculty development, and trade school scholarships are now available on!

The FOAs are available under NRC on the website. Note the FOA closing dates:

17 April 2015—Scholarship and Fellowship
20 April 2015—Faculty Development
20 April 2015—Trade School and Community College Scholarship

The NRC is also soliciting volunteers to serve as peer reviewers for these proposals. Reviewers will be needed for faculty development, scholarship and fellowship, and trade school and community college scholarship proposals.

Each reviewer will be assigned 5–8 proposals to review (depending on the number of proposals received) and will be expected to participate on a review-panel teleconference. Proposals are nontechnical research proposals. The expected time frame for the review process is May–June. The NRC does not have exact dates as of yet. The NRC recognizes that this is an extremely busy time for all. However, FOA revisions and managerial decisions have imposed delays in this year's schedule. Only serious and dedicated individuals should volunteer to assist the NRC as they diligently strive to continue the success of the NRC IUP.

If interested, please respond to both and Make sure to provide the program for which you would be interested in reviewing (i.e., faculty development, scholarship and fellowship, or trade school and community college scholarship) and your area of expertise.