2012 Annual Meeting (Sacramento)

On this page, the HPS History Committee is making available a sampling of pictures from its archives. Use the links below the photographs to help identify the people in the pictures.

Photo: HPS-57_0000.jpg


Photo: HPS-57_1002.jpg

The Capitol across the street

Photo: HPS-57_1003.jpg


Photo: HPS-57_2000.jpg

Kelly Classic and Kathy Pryor

Photo: HPS-57_2062.jpg

(l to r) Ed Bailey, Nancy Johnson, Kathy Shingleton, Ray Johnson, and John Frazier

Photo: HPS-57_2071.jpg

(l to r) Brian Dodd, Chris Englefield, and Jennie Dodd

Photo: HPS-57_2074.jpg

Bob Whitcomb and Gary Kramer

Photo: HPS-57_2077.jpg

(l to r) Chuck Roessler, Gail Magenis, Frank Masse, Gen Roessler

Photo: HPS-57_2078.jpg

Lindsay, Kathy, and Dale Pryor

Photo: HPS-57_2085.jpg

(l to r) Yawei Mao, Han Ling, Kathy Pryor, and Guo Qiuju

Photo: HPS-57_2090.jpg

Phyllis and Allen Brodsky

Photo: HPS-57_2098.jpg

(l to r) Rick Brack, Karen Colucci, Mike Ryan, Mike Drzyzga

Photo: HPS-57_2102.jpg

(l to r) Marilyn Magenis, Corey Keith, Athena Gallardo, Drake Bookins, and Natalie Januzis

Photo: HPS-57_2118.jpg

(l to r) Sam Keith, Guo Qiuju, Yawei Mao, and Paul Charp

Photo: HPS-57_2128.jpg

Frank Bradley and Jim Willison

Photo: HPS-57_3003.jpg

(l to r) Lynn Raabe, Bill King, and Roberta King

Photo: HPS-57_3039.jpg

(l to r) Mike Boyd, Renate Czarwinski, and Ralph Anderson

Photo: HPS-57_3058.jpg

(l to r) Mark Satorius, Mike Boyd, and John Boice

Photo: HPS-57_3098.jpg

Dick Toohey and Jim Yusko

Photo: HPS-57_3103.jpg

(l to r) Penny Lanzisera, Robin Elliott, Kendall Berry

Photo: HPS-57_3106.jpg

(l to r) Naomi Harley, Sue Fisenne, Stan Fitch, and Gloria Chavez

Photo: HPS-57_3110.jpg

(l to r) Otto Raabe, John Zimbrick, Alex Brandl

Photo: HPS-57_3114.jpg

(l to r) Tom Schumacher, Craig Gordon, Mark Roberts

Photo: HPS-57_3116.jpg

(l to r) Brian Dodd, Gary Kramer, and Gloria Chavez

Photo: HPS-57_3118.jpg

Alex Boerner and Ed Maher

Photo: HPS-57_3163.jpg

(l to r) Gus Potter, Bill Rhodes, and Dann Ward

Photo: HPS-57_3167.jpg

(l to r) Steve Hsu, Ning Liu, Yawei Mao, and Han Ling

Photo: HPS-57_3169.jpg

(l to r) (1) Lorie Lacefield, Trisha Cabral, (4)
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Photo: HPS-57_3178.jpg

Jim Cassata and Betty Ann Sandoval

Photo: HPS-57_3187.jpg

(l to r) SY Chen, Richard Brey, and Nino Chelidze

Photo: HPS-57_3196.jpg

Gus Potter and Bob Miltenberger

Photo: HPS-57_3199.jpg

Otto Raabe and Ken Groves

Photo: HPS-57_3202.jpg

Thad Sharp and Joe Sorcic

Photo: HPS-57_3203.jpg

Nasser Razmianfar and Anis Chowdhury

Photo: HPS-57_3209.jpg

(l to r) James Liu, Bob Gallager (3)(4)
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Photo: HPS-57_3247.jpg

(l to r) Lori Strong, Matt McFee, and Heide Scheiter-Rohland

Photo: HPS-57_4043.jpg

(l to r) Tim Smith, Tracey Simpson, Lynn Smith, Greg Jones, and Kathleen Dinnel-Jones

Photo: HPS-57_4051.jpg

(l to r) Joshua Palutay, Kayla Evans, Christopher Shaw, Emily Rostel, and Wesley Frey

Photo: HPS-57_4126.jpg

Allen Brodsky remembering

Photo: HPS-57_4232.jpg

(l to r) Matthew Belley, (2) Adam Weltz, Cheri Hall, Nicole Martinez, Justin Vazquez
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Photo: HPS-57_4243.jpg

(l to r) Leo Faust, Paul Ziemer, Ron Kathren, and Kathy Pryor

Photo: HPS-57_4301.jpg

Jim Willison and Trish Milligan

Photo: HPS-57_4340.jpg

Scott Schwahn and Sam Keith

Photo: HPS-57_5045.jpg

(l to r) John Gough, Tosh Ushino, and Jukka Kahilainen

Photo: HPS-57_9000.jpg

mmm, bacon!