2009 Annual Meeting (Minneapolis)

On this page, the HPS History Committee is making available a sampling of pictures from its archives. Use the links below the photographs to help identify the people in the pictures.

Photo: HPS-54_0000.jpg


Photo: HPS-54_0006.jpg

Robert Allman and Nino Chelidze

Photo: HPS-54_0014.jpg

(l to r) John Poston, Gail Magenis, Frank Masse

Photo: HPS-54_0022.jpg

Carl Tarantino and Brad McRee

Photo: HPS-54_0058.jpg

(l to r) Mark Hoover, Otto and Lynn Raabe, Martha Hoover

Photo: HPS-54_0076.jpg

(l to r) (1)(2) Tatiana Pochukhailova, Ekaterina Levkiina
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Photo: HPS-54_0083.jpg

(l to r) Dave McLaughlin, Scott Schwann, Jeff Guenther, Steve Bahktiar, Gloria Mei

Photo: HPS-54_0095.jpg

Dave Medich and Chris Martel

Photo: HPS-54_0099.jpg

(l to r) Tim Taulbee, Liz Brackett, Stu Hinnefeld

Photo: HPS-54_0109.jpg

Cindi and Rick Jones

Photo: HPS-54_0119.jpg

Jim Tarpinian and Trish Milligan

Photo: HPS-54_0120.jpg

Richard Brey and Kathy Higley

Photo: HPS-54_0125.jpg

Howard Dickson and Art Lucas

Photo: HPS-54_0135.jpg

(l to r) Jim Willison, Dade Moeller, Steve Bahktiar, Keith Eckerman

Photo: HPS-54_0139.jpg

Tom Buhl and Kathy Shingleton

Photo: HPS-54_0162.jpg

Kelly Classic and Andy Karam

Photo: HPS-54_0168.jpg

Tony Huffert and Alex Boerner

Photo: HPS-54_0178.jpg

Brian Dodd and Dade Moeller

Photo: HPS-54_0193.jpg

(l to r) Mike Hart, Gurvis Davis, Tim Mikulski

Photo: HPS-54_0226.jpg

(l to r) Dick Burk, (2) Rich Vetter
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Photo: HPS-54_0302.jpg

Chuck and Gen Roessler, Klaus Durtschmid

Photo: HPS-54_0340.jpg

A fixture at the exhibits, Dade and his Chair

Photo: HPS-54_0387.jpg

Clay French, Mike Stabin, and Tom LaBone

Photo: HPS-54_0575.jpg

Casper Sun and Kelly Classic

Photo: HPS-54_0594.jpg

(l to r) Leo Faust, Mel Chew, Bob Morris, Eli Port