2007 Annual Meeting (Portland)

On this page, the HPS History Committee is making available a sampling of pictures from its archives. Use the links below the photographs to help identify the people in the pictures.

Photo: HPS-52_0000.jpg


Photo: HPS-52_0253.jpg

(l to r) Ken Kase, Kelly Classic, Dick Burk

Photo: HPS-52_0254.jpg

Brian Dodd

Photo: HPS-52_7658.jpg

Ed Tupin and Kathy Dinnel-Jones

Photo: HPS-52_7694.jpg

John Poston and Richard Brey

Photo: HPS-52_7717.jpg

Tom and Dixie O'Dou

Photo: HPS-52_7732.jpg

(l to r) Bill Bryant, Ruth and Mac McBurney, Debbie Gilley

Photo: HPS-52_7742.jpg

(l to r) Diane and Bob Casey, Richard Receniello

Photo: HPS-52_7783.jpg

(l to r) Gail Magenis, Sherie Dinger, and Grady Kase

Photo: HPS-52_7808.jpg

Bryce and Sharon Rich

Photo: HPS-52_7884.jpg

Frazier Bronson and Helen Wong

Photo: HPS-52_7896.jpg

(l to r) Linnea Wahl, Steven Frye, and (3)
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Photo: HPS-52_7922.jpg

(l to r) Mike Charlton, Kay Bell-Walker, Scottie Walker

Photo: HPS-52_7966.jpg

(l to r) Bob Galllagher, John Auxier, and Ruth McBurney

Photo: HPS-52_8009.jpg

Brooke Buddemeier and Barbara Hamrick

Photo: HPS-52_8074.jpg

Linda Sewell and Nancy Daugherty

Photo: HPS-52_8081.jpg

Matt Moeller and Joe Soldat

Photo: HPS-52_8158.jpg

(l to r) Cindi Jones, Karen Langley, and Jim O'Rear

Photo: HPS-52_8257.jpg

Allen Brodsky and Armin Ansari

Photo: HPS-52_8336.jpg

(l to r) Jay MacLellan, Don Biel, and Darrell Fisher

Photo: HPS-52_8392.jpg

(l to r) Otto Raabe, Tony Brooks, and Ken Mossman

Photo: HPS-52_8419.jpg

(l to r) Steven Frey, Kathy Shingleton, and Dick Toohey

Photo: HPS-52_8483.jpg

Dade Moeller and Liz Brackett

Photo: HPS-52_8530.jpg

Gus Potter and Clay French

Photo: HPS-52_8557.jpg

Ed Bailey and Andrew Sowder

Photo: HPS-52_9408.jpg

Sharon Hebl and Deanna Baker

Photo: HPS-52_9459.jpg

(l to r) William Kennedy, Judson Kenoyer, Dade Moeller, Ray Johnson, Steve Merwin