2005 Annual Meeting (Spokane)

On this page, the HPS History Committee is making available a sampling of pictures from its archives. Use the links below the photographs to help identify the people in the pictures.

Photo: HPS-50_0000.jpg


Photo: HPS-50_0501.jpg

Don Bihl and Dan Mantooth

Photo: HPS-50_0529.jpg

(l to r) Casper Sun, Jim Tarpinian, Don Bihl, Dan Mantooth

Photo: HPS-50_0532.jpg

Dave Myers and Scott Medling

Photo: HPS-50_0550.jpg

Regis Greenwood and Frazier Bronson

Photo: HPS-50_0553.jpg

John Auxier and Margaret McCarthy

Photo: HPS-50_0557.jpg

Sandy Pearle and Matt Moeller

Photo: HPS-50_1065.jpg

Dave McLaughlin and Darrell Fisher

Photo: HPS-50_1098.jpg

Art Lucas and Dade Moeller

Photo: HPS-50_1119.jpg

(l to r) Jim Bogard, Gloria and Donald Mei

Photo: HPS-50_1127.jpg

(l to r) Allen Brodsky, Dade Moeller, Keith Dinger

Photo: HPS-50_2026.jpg

Jerry Martin and Joe Soldat

Photo: HPS-50_3001.jpg

Dave Allard and Ninni Jacobs

Photo: HPS-50_3016.jpg

Dave McCurdy and Matt Lardy

Photo: HPS-50_3021.jpg

(l to r) Paul Rohwer, John Taschner, Bill Bair

Photo: HPS-50_3024.jpg

Joe McDonald and Joe Soldat

Photo: HPS-50_3038.jpg

Joseph Zlotnicki and Jennifer Johnson

Photo: HPS-50_3058.jpg

(l to r) Elizabeth Masterson, Mickey Hunacek, William Kennedy

Photo: HPS-50_3089.jpg

(l to r) Mark Fishburn, Joel Arana, Eva Dupuis-Nouille, Darin Hekkala, Tracey Shinsato

Photo: HPS-50_3093.jpg

Ruth McBurney and Pete Meyers

Photo: HPS-50_3118.jpg

Catherine and Dade Moeller

Photo: HPS-50_3128.jpg

Judson Kenoyer and Pam Tranbarger

Photo: HPS-50_31281.jpg

(l to r) Chuck and Gen Roessler, Ray Guilmette

Photo: HPS-50_3138.jpg

(l to r) Felix Fong, Hsuek-Li Yin, Chung-Der Wang, Donald Mei

Photo: HPS-50_3160.jpg

(l to r) Gary Kramer, Beverly and Dick Toohey

Photo: HPS-50_3168.jpg

Bill Bair and Mike Stabin

Photo: HPS-50_3171.jpg

Ray and Pat Guilmette

Photo: HPS-50_3172.jpg

(l to r) Tom Bell, Kathy Robertson-Demers, Bryce Rich, Melton Chew

Photo: HPS-50_3187.jpg

(l to r) Bob Cherry, Geoff Eichholz, Allen Brodsky, Carl Paperiello, Brian Dodd

Photo: HPS-50_31951.jpg

Brooke Buddemeyer and Michael Krstich

Photo: HPS-50_3196.jpg

(l to r) Dave McCurdy, Stan Morton, Dan Montgomery

Photo: HPS-50_3212.jpg

(l to r) Ed Bailey, Diana Fry, Pearce O'Kelley, Debra McBaugh

Photo: HPS-50_3221.jpg

(l to r) Pete Darnell, Mickey Hunacek, Tracey Shinsato, Ed Maher

Photo: HPS-50_4017.jpg

(l to r) Susan and Ron Kathren, Alex Boerner

Photo: HPS-50_4023.jpg

(1) and Mike Ryan
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Photo: HPS-50_4030.jpg

(l to r) Ellie Boecker, Pat and Ray Guilmette, Bruce Boecker

Photo: HPS-50_4033.jpg

Tom Buhl and Kathy Shingleton

Photo: HPS-50_4043.jpg

(l to r) Ruth McBurney, Barbara Hamrick, Debra McBaugh

Photo: HPS-50_4065.jpg

(l to r) Mac and Ruth McBurney, Hsueh-Li Yin, Chuan-Fu Wu

Photo: HPS-50_4066.jpg

Alex Boerner and Armin Ansari

Photo: HPS-50_4092.jpg

Dade Moeller and Bryce Rich

Photo: HPS-50_4137.jpg

(l to r) Ludwig Feinendegen, Ray and Mary Anne Johnson

Photo: HPS-50_4148.jpg

Paul and Marilyn Ziemer

Photo: HPS-50_5006.jpg

(l to r) Deanna Hasenauer, Stacey McCord, Patty Retka

Photo: HPS-50_5024.jpg

Bob Thomas and Syd Porter

Photo: HPS-50_5070.jpg

Alisha Stallard and Linda Morris

Photo: HPS-50_5077.jpg

Tom Buhl and Dan Strom

Photo: HPS-50_7077.jpg

(l to r) Bryce Rich, Paul Ziemer, David Waite

Photo: HPS-50_7125.jpg

Sylvia and Herman Cember

Photo: HPS-50_7127.jpg

Laurie and Steve Binney

Photo: HPS-50_7141.jpg

Syd Porter and (2)
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Photo: HPS-50_7209.jpg

Ken Kase and John Poston (Robley Evans Medal Awardee)
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Photo: HPS-50_8006.jpg

Nancy Johnson and Bob Morris

Photo: HPS-50_8011.jpg

(l to r) Ruth McBurney, Ninni Jacobs, Kathy Pryor, Mac McBurney

Photo: HPS-50_8022.jpg

Bryce and Sharon Rich share a laugh

Photo: HPS-50_8025.jpg

(l to r) David Waite, John Auxier, Bill Bair

Photo: HPS-50_8036.jpg

Ninni Jacobs and Tara Medich

Photo: HPS-50_8043.jpg

(l to r) Liz Brackett, Gus Potter (Rob Forrest in background)

Photo: HPS-50_8100.jpg

(l to r) (Deanna Baker in background) Sharon Hebl, Fred Baes

Photo: HPS-50_8111.jpg

(l to r) Tim DeVol, Ali Simpkins, Bob Kellner