2003 Annual Meeting (San Diego)

On this page, the HPS History Committee is making available a sampling of pictures from its archives. Use the links below the photographs to help identify the people in the pictures.

Photo: HPS-48_0001.jpg.JPG


Photo: HPS-48_0053.jpg.JPG

(l to r) George Anastas, J. Newell Stannard, Bill Bair

Photo: HPS-48_0070.jpg.JPG

(l to r, front) Bob Thomas, Grace and J Newell Stannard, Bill Bair (back) Bruce Boecker, Marv Goldman, Otto Raabe, Paul Rohwer

Photo: HPS-48_0104.jpg

Wes Bolch and Bob Whitcomb

Photo: HPS-48_0107.jpg

(l to r) Abel Gonzalez, Charlie Meinhold, Brian Dodd

Photo: HPS-48_0112.jpg

HPS Presidents Group Photo (Back, Keith Dinger, Frank Masse, Charles Meinhold, Marvin Goldman, Otto Raabe, Ron Kathren, Paul Rohwer, Ray Johnson, Rich Vetter, Keith Schiager, Ken Mossman. Front, George Anastas, Paul Ziemer, Dade Moeller, William Bair, Newell Stannard, Bryce Rich, Gen Roessler, John Auxier)

Photo: HPS-48_0125.jpg

Dade Moeller and Jan Vetter

Photo: HPS-48_0128.jpg

Lila Anastas and John Frazier

Photo: HPS-48_0129.jpg

Matt Moeller and Rich Vetter

Photo: HPS-48_0130.jpg

Nancy Daugherty and Ron Kathren

Photo: HPS-48_0133.jpg

Beverly Toohey and Ken Kase

Photo: HPS-48_0172.jpg

Ron Kathren and George Anastas

Photo: HPS-48_0184.jpg

(l to r) Dade Moeller, George Anastas, and Patti Frazier

Photo: HPS-48_0234.jpg

Cyndi Jones and Dan Strom

Photo: HPS-48_0260.jpg

Scott Kirk and Ken Kase

Photo: HPS-48_0274.jpg

Sheri and Keith Dinger

Photo: HPS-48_0281.jpg

(l to r) Brett and Dick Burk, Kent Lambert, Dick Toohey; Nancy Daugherty(foreground)

Photo: HPS-48_0290.jpg

(l to r) Paul Harvey (2) Dennis Hadlock
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Photo: HPS-48_0294.jpg

(l to r) Nancy Daugherty, Ed Maher, Craig Little

Photo: HPS-48_0312.jpg

Jim Tarpinian and Howard Dickson

Photo: HPS-48_0337.jpg

(l to r) Keith and Jan Schiager (3)
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Photo: HPS-48_0345.jpg

(l to r) (1) Keith Dinger, Joel Lubenau
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Photo: HPS-48_0348.jpg

Ken and Blaire Mossman

Photo: HPS-48_0357.jpg

Joel Lubenau and Abel Gonzalez

Photo: HPS-48_0364.jpg

(l to r) Frank Masse, Ken Kase, Charlie Meinhold

Photo: HPS-48_0365.jpg

Frank Costello and Jim Yusko

Photo: HPS-48_0426.jpg

(l to r) Tom Buhl, Chuck Roessler, Jim Tarpinian, Liz Brackett

Photo: HPS-48_0446.jpg

(l to r) Armin Ansari, Steve Frey, Christine Donahue

Photo: HPS-48_0452.jpg

(l to r) Bob Miltenberger, Alex Boerner (3) Mary Moore, Ron Kathren, Kathy Pryor
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Photo: HPS-48_0508.jpg

(l to r) Mike Ryan, Bill Kennedy, Dade Moeller

Photo: HPS-48_0531.jpg

Chuck and Gen Roessler

Photo: HPS-48_0541.jpg

Dick and Beverly Toohey

Photo: HPS-48_0546.jpg

Keith and Sherrie Dinger

Photo: HPS-48_0571.jpg

(l to r) Paul Rohwer, Keith Dinger, Ray Johnson