2004 Midyear Meeting (Augusta)

On this page, the HPS History Committee is making available a sampling of pictures from its archives. Use the links below the photographs to help identify the people in the pictures.

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0000.jpg


Photo: HPS-MY-37_0002.jpg

Ray Guilmette and Ken Miller

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0025.jpg

John Frazier and Ken Kase

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0026.jpg

Andy Karam and Dan McGrane

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0027.jpg

Karen Langley and Liz Brackett

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0028.jpg

(l to r) Ed Maher, Kent Lambert, and Eric Albequist

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0029.jpg

Joe Alvarez and John Frazier

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0030.jpg

Kevin Nelson and Ken Kase

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0031.jpg

(l to r) Kathy Pryor, Kelly Classic, Frank Masse

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0032.jpg

Augusta Riverfront

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0034.jpg

ABHP Part II Panel Meeting

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0038.jpg

(l to r) Ed Maher, Ken Miller, Dick Toohey, Andy Karam

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0043.jpg

Locomotive downtown

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0049.jpg

(l ro r) Keith Dinger, John Hagerman, Kevin Nelson

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0051.jpg

Kevin Nelson and Nancy Kirner

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0056.jpg

Pat and Ray Guilmette

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0079.jpg

(l to r) Gen and Chuck Roessler, Frasier Bronson

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0099.jpg

HPS Board of Directors (back, Eric Abelquist, Ray Guilmette, Kathy Pryor, Ed Maher, Ken Kase, Kevin Nelson, Kelly Classic, Kent Lambert, Andy Karam)(front, John Hagemen, Tom Gesell, Karen Langley, John Frazier, Dick Toohey, Nancy Kirner)

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0106.jpg

(l to r) Kevin Nelson, Paul Rohwer, Andy Karam

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0120.jpg

Ray Johnson and his glass display

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0134.jpg

(l to r) Mark Hoover, Ken Kase, Pete O'Connell

Photo: HPS-MY-37_0147.jpg

(l to r) Mike Ryan, Ken Kase, Pete O'Connell, Gary Kramer