Internal Dosimetry Protocols Following a RDD/WMD Terrorist Event

D.A. Dooley; R.E. Goans; E.M. Brackett; J.P. Griffin; G.J. Vargo; and L.G. Henry (MJW Corporation)

Major metropolitan health care providers are ill prepared or have very limited experience in treating populations who are likely injured and who are also externally and/or internally radioactively contaminated as a result of a catastrophic radiological event. External contamination, in general, can be easily identified and removed for most offending nuclides. The case is far different for individuals who may be internally contaminated. The MJW Corporation under contract to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has developed internal dosimetry protocols and guidelines to aid hospital and clinical professionals in dealing with such an event. These guidelines, protocols and educational and training materials were developed from a criteria document which described the scientific rationale for estimating internal dose in such a population. This paper describes critical decisions that must be made first to identify and later to treat victims who may be internally contaminated with radioactive material.

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