Successful Acceleration of Decommissioning at the Columbus Closure Project

K.D. Anderson (Environmental Chemical Corporation)

During 2004, ECC&E2 Closure Services, LLC (Closure Services) completed the characterization, decontamination, final status survey, and demolition of three primary facilities located at the Columbus Closure Project (CCP) West Jefferson, Ohio. Demolition of the three facilities was accelerated from the original planning date of the Licensee. The three facilities were Tasks performed during 2004 offer a perfect snap shot of the decontamination and decommissioning process at a U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensed site. Additionally, these tasks were performed according to the conditions of the Decommissioning Plan and the Radiation Protection Program Plan. Initially, characterization surveys involved the identification and quantification of residual radioactive contamination within and around the Building JN-2, Building JN-3, and Building JN-6. Surveys were performed according to protocol presented in NUREG-5849 and implementing procedures. Results of the surveys indicated contamination levels within Building JN-2 and Building JN-3 that exceeded established surface contamination limits. Closure Service Crews then proceeded to perform decontamination and removal of systems within the two structures. All work was performed according to integrated work instructions and radiation work permits. Closure Service Characterization Teams then performed final status surveys according to the approved Final Status Survey Plan. Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) conducted an independent review and verification of the final status surveys performed. The NRC was then notified of the intent to demolish each facility and that each met the unrestricted release criteria. Notification was provided only after concurrence was reached between Closure Services, ORISE, and the Licensee. In each instance, debris from each facility was disposed to a local sanitary landfill.

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